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PTSI,p-toluenesulfonyl isocyanate,98.5%
CAS: 4083-64-1
PTSI Moisture scavenger

Physical chemical property:


BP:144 oC (10 mmHg)

Refraction index:1.533-1.535

FP:145 oC

Water solubility:reactive


Colorless transparent liquid with low viscosity,single functional group isocyanate, highly reactive with water to remove it in formulation PU system.


PU systems to eliminate moisture in 

solvents, fillers,pigments ,adhesives,paintings etc.



Specification sheet:

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
PTSC1.1% max
Color(APHA)50 Max

Packing:20KG, 250KG/Iron Drums palletized. 

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