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2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolane-4-methanol,Solketal 99.5%
CAS: 100-79-8


Synonyms:Solketal,(2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)methanol,Isopropylidene glycerol,Augeo SL 191,Augeo Clean Multi,Glycasol.




EC No.:202-888-7

Chemical structure: Solketal.png


Solketal is a condensation product of acetone and glycerol under acid catalysts.

Colorless transparent liquid,very slight odor

Soluble in water and most solvents like alcohols, ethers, glycols etc.


Melting point:below -50

Boiling point:192

Flash point:Around 90(Close cup)

Self ignition temperature:390

Density:1.06 g/ml(20)

Solubility in water:172g/L(20 )

Log Kow:0.3(20)


Viscosity:12 mPa.S(20)



Sustainable and Biobased,one of raw materials,Glycerol, is from renewable materials with lower carbon foot prints.


Slow evaporation(Evaporation rate=2 (n-butyl acetate=100))


Low odor,Low toxicity,less regulated


Miscible with water


Good solubilization and film forming for normal principal resins


Good potential to replace ether solvents which are usually toxic and strictly regulated


Stable in neutral and alkaline PH(degradable under acidic aqueous conditions)


Solvent in coating,ink,leather processing

Industrial and household cleaning,good compatibility with surfactants in neutral and alkaline conditions.


Suitable to replace petrochemically based glycol ethers (BG, BDG, DPM, DPnB, PM, DEGME, EGHE) and hazardous co-solvents


Applicable for both waterborne and solvent borne system

Coalescent agent in coating formulations

Cosolvent in agrochemicals

Diluent for epoxy resins(alternative to Benzyl alcohol),reducing Tg(as plasticizer)

Carrier and solubilizer for flavor and fragrance(replace glycol, glycol ethers DPM etc)

Pharmaceutical aid (solubilizing and suspending agent)

Suitable solvent in insect repellents for topical application for human and animal skin

Fuel (Gasoline) Additive:Blend with Gasoline which can improve Octane Number and Gum formation.

Anti-freezer for Biodiesel 



Spec sheet:



Spec(Premium grade)

Spec(Industry grade)


Colorless transparent liquid

Colorless transparent liquid


99.5% min

98.5% min





0.1% max

0.1% max

Acetic acid

0.02% max

0.02% max


10 max

10 max

*Including Isomers(2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-dioxane-5-ol)

Packing:210KG Drums palletized;1050KG/IBC

FCL:17600KGs(In drums),21000KGs(In IBCs),25000KGS/Iso Tank


For more about storage and handling ,please refer to SDS.

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