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Rhamnolipid biosurfactant,Greensurf RL
CAS: 4348-76-9

Name:Rhamnolipid biosurfactant

Trade name:Greensurf RL



Rhamnolipid is a class of biosurfactants produced by the various bacteria species,


It is derived from Non-petroleum,sustainable,natural based feedstock(carbon source, like glucose,sucrose,vegetable oil etc).


It is a pale yellow or dark brown liquid,water soluble, and soluble in many organic solvents like ethanol,methanol,acetone etc.

CMC(Critical micelle concentration):10-200 mg/L.

Surface tension : less than 35 mN/m

Density:1.0~1.1 g/ml


Representative common structure of rhamnolipids:






Pale yellow or brown liquid

Active   matter


PH(10%   solution)


Total   bacterial count

500 CFU/ml max

Yeast   and mould

100 CFU/ml max

Full composition:

INCI   name

Greensurf   RL





Sodium   chloride



Balance(make   up to 100%)


Biobased,Carbon footprint reduction


Sustainable and natural based feedstock

Low Toxic and Eco-friendly

Highly surface active performance

Salt and electrolyte resistant

Temperature resistant(Up to 150 oC)



1. Bioremediation: Sophorolipids have been shown to be effective in removing hydrophobic pollutants from soil and water. They can enhance the biodegradation of hydrophobic compounds by increasing their solubility and bio-availability.


2. Food processing: Sophorolipids can be used as a food emulsifier, stabilizer, and foaming agent. They are safe for consumption and can replace synthetic emulsifiers that are harmful to the environment.


3. Cosmetics and personal care:With good potential in the cosmetics industry as they have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties,good cleaning,foaming performance.

        Hair cleaning:cleaning, foaming, assist in removing dandruff and care for scalp.

        Skin cleaning:face wash,hand wash,bath foam etc.

        Oral care:Tooth paste,mouth wash

        Household cleaning:laundry detergent,kitchenware cleaning.

4. Industrial cleaning

5. Oil recovery: Sophorolipids can be used to enhance oil recovery from oil wells. They can reduce the surface tension of oil, making it easier to extract.


Proposed dose in cosmetics and personal care products:0.1-5%(leave-on),0.1-30%(rinse off)



25KG HDPE Drum;200KG HDPE Drum;


Storage & Handling

Shelf life of 24 months in sealed original containers and kept at room temperature.Ensure thorough ventilation of stores and work areas. Don’t handle or use it below 5oC or above 150oC, don’t mix with strong acids, base, and oxidizing agents.



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