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Rubber antioxidant,Polyphenol,Butyrated DCPD reaction with p-cresol
CAS: 68610-51-5
DCPD based antioxidant,reaction with p-cresol and

Name:Rubber Antioxidant DCPD-650,polyphenol antioxidant

Chemical name:by reaction of p-cresol with dicyclopentadiene and isobutene




Structure formula:Wingstay-L.jpg


Pale yellow or white flake or powder

Melting point:115 ºC


Spec sheet:

Appearancepale yellow flake or white powder
Melting point
115oC Min
Volatiles(100oC,1.5h)0.5% Max
Ash content(800oC,2h)
0.5% Max


Packing:25KG,500KG,1000KG Bag


Features and Applications:


Highly effective, low volatiles

Prevents oxygen attach and product degradation and discoloration.


Used for natural and synthetic rubbers and plastics, like SBR,ABS,SBS,SIS, in adhesives,latex, sealants etc.


Especially suitable for Isoprene and Butadiene based polymers.

Used for greaser and lubricants.

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