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N-Butyl Glycolate
CAS: 7397-62-8

Name:N-Butyl Glycolate 




Physical property:

Colorless transparent liquid,faint ester like odor.

Soluble in water and most other organic solvents

Freezing point: -26 ℃

Boiling point: 185 ℃

Flash point: 74 ℃(Close cup)

Water Solubility: 46g/L(20 ℃)

Vapor pressure: 1.3hPa(20 ℃)

Density: 1.01g/ml

Self-igtniion temperature: 415 ℃

Features and Application:

Good solvency for polyvinyl acetates, polyvinyl butyrals, vinyl acetate/vinyl chloride/dicarboxylic acid copolymers, nitric acid esters of cellulose (nitrocellulose, celluloid), cellulose ethers, chlorinated rubber, many natural and synthetic resins and most oils and plasticizers etc. Used in coating,paint,printing inks etc.




24000KG/Iso tank

16mt with pallet(in drums), 24MT/FCL in Iso tanks


Specification sheet:

Appearance97.0% min
Acid value(mg KOH/g)0.5 max
Moisture0.5% max
Color(APHA)50 max

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