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PVA(Polyvinyl alcohol) 2488
CAS: 9002-89-5

White Powder

water soluble,stable in most organic solvents


Paper sizing agent

Warp sizing in textile 


Raw material of polyvinyl alcohol panel and PVA thin film

Paint and Coatings

Medicine, cosmetic and functional materials

Dispersing agent.

Typical property(PVA-2488)

a. Hydrolysis degree: 86.5%- 89.0%

b. Purity: ≥94.0%

c. Viscosity: 45.0~52.0mpa.s

d. Volatile:≤4.5%

e. PH:5~7

f. Ash:≤0.5

Packing:20-25KG Kraft paper bags.

StorageThe material is very stable with no risk of molding and deteriorating. Under dry

condition. Indefinite when protected from moisture.

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