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2-Mercaptoethanol,BME, 99.5%
CAS: 60-24-2
MBE,2BE,Thioglycol,2Hydroxyethyl Mercaptan

Physical chemical property:

Colorless transparent liquid,evaporative, strong irritating smell. 

Readily soluble in water, alcohol, ether etc organic solvents.

Melting point:-100oC(1atm)   

Boiling point:155oC(1 atm)

Relative density(20oC):1.1    

Vapor pressure(20oC):1.3 hPa

Water solubility:1000g/L(20oC) while PH 4.5-7     

Flash point:74oC

Ignition temp:295oC( 1 atm)     

Dissociation constant(pKa at 20oC):9.72

Dynamic viscosity(20oC):3.22 mPa.s     

PH(50% solution):4.5-6


Spec sheet:

AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
30 max
PH(5% aq. solution)
3 min
Moisture0.5% max
Assay99.5% min


Packing:220KG Plastics drum(HDPE),1100KG/IBC,ISO TANK

Storage:Prevent unauthorized access. No smoking. Keep in a wellventilated place. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.



Important intermediates for dyes, pharmaceuticals , agrochemical synthesis

Chain transfer agent in producing polycarboxylates which are mainly used in concret mixture as water reducing agent.


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